BMTC BUS PASSES, RATES, FARES Details about the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) fares, passes and charges for Ordinary, Pushpak, Marcopolo, (Vajra) Volvo and Airport Volvo buses, public transport in Bangalore City. BMTC point-to-point fares have been reduced with effect from Sunday January 11 2015. However, there is no reduction in any monthly pass charges. BMTC […]

All about consulting

What is consulting? The field is highly competitive, and generally an MBA degree is the minimum acceptable qualification. Management consultancy firms help organizations take independent decisions in the areas of operations, information technology and business strategy. Consulting combines critical and creative thinking with an extremely objective mind-set devoid of any agendas, preconceived notions or assumptions. […]

Process framework for Power & Utility industry

Power Mega/major process framework (Generation –Metering & Meter – Cash) Mega process Major process Generation Plan generation mix Construct/ acquire generating plant(s) Operate generating plant(s) Maintain generating plant(s) Energy trading & procurement Forecast supply/demand requirements Procure long term energy supply contracts Procure transmission/transportation capacity Procure carbon/renewables credits Balance against actual demand Execute and validate deals […]

SAP IS-U Price Transport Control

Most of you working on SAP IS-U project as billing consultant knows the fact that managing and transporting Billing Master Data is a bit tricky. There are standard tools provided by SAP to move these efficiently across Development -> Quality -> Production, few of them are below: EA_TRANSPORT – Complete Transport EA_DOWNLOAD – Download Selective […]

Steps for Creation of Custom IDoc:

There are basically two types of IDOCs: (a) Basic IDOCs (b) Extended IDOCs Basic IDoc Basic IDOC type defines the structure and format of the business document that is to be exchanged between two systems. Extension IDoc Extending the functionality by adding more segments to existing Basic IDOCs. Steps for Creation of Custom IDoc: To […]

SAP IS Utility : Deregulation Terminology

 Abbreviations: NB service Non-billable service CRN Cross-reference number  Definitions: Advance payment          Procedure whereby the billing agent pays the service provider for the Outstanding receivables, even if the customer has not yet paid the billing agent. The billing agent owns the receivables from the customer once they have been invoiced in IS-U. Bill ready                          Bill […]

HELP !! Required : Blogging via Word 2013 Error

I have been trying to connect with word 2013 but unfortunately I am unsuccessful I have tried the follwoing methods. Finally I am out of luck.please let me know if any one can help me on this. 1. deactivated 2 step Google authetication. 2.Generated app specific password. 3. added another google id in the […]


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